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My travel bucket list is pretty much a map of the world but there are a few places and adventures that are on the top of my list; taking a luxury yacht charter with TradeWinds is definitely in the top five right behind taking a tour of lemur island (known by cartoon loving children and people not obsessed with lemurs as Madagascar).


Photo courtesy of TradeWinds’ website.

Tradewinds offers all-inclusive sailing vacations in the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe. Growing up in Kingston, I fell in love sailing. Living in Mexico for three months when I was 14, I fell in love with the ocean, with TradeWinds I can sail across the ocean while sipping tropical cocktails.

According to their website, “TradeWinds offers luxury crewed catamaran cruising in over ten destinations in the Caribbean, Europe and Central America.” Including French Polynesia, Greece, and the British Virgin Islands but who wants to float around the Mediterranean Sea or the South Pacific Ocean on a luxury catamaran?  Literally everyone with any kind of wanderlust. Go ahead Google French Polynesia right now, I’ll wait… Welcome back. Do you hate everything about the stupid crap city you live in now? Yeah, it’s OK, you’re not alone.

The thing about a travel bucket list is that it’s no good if you don’t start ticking things off, so I’m going to plan a TradeWinds trip… right after I get back from Spain this fall.  You can book your TradeWinds vacation here, if you make it there before I do I’m going to need all of your stories.


French Polynesia, courtesy of the TradeWinds Facebook Page. 

What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments.

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