Bucket List – Pig Beach

Crystal clear waters, over 2,000 islands and cays to explore, and pigs that swim! Travel bucket list, life bucket list, Christmas list, birthday list, the Bahamas are on my mind lately and not just because I think I’d enjoy it if people started calling me, “Bahama Mama!” (I like nicknames a lot, guys).

Nestled in the too-beautiful-for-words waters of the Bahamas is Grand Major Cay, home to the swimming pigs. The family of 20 pigs and piglets are rumoured to have been left on the island by a group of sailors who wanted to come back and cook them; regardless of how they got to the island the adorable little swimmers now spend their days basking in the sun and swimming with friendly tourists.

Look at those little faces? How can you not want to go on an adventure with them? I imagine that swimming with the Bahamian pigs will be like meeting the sloths – life changing. Just, think about all the pig selfies! Do you think the pigs give hugs? Must remember to Google, ‘How to hug a pig?’.

But the Bahamas have more to offer than just swimming pigs, even though that would totally be enough, some of the cleanest and most beautiful white (and pink!) sand beaches in the world can be found among the Bahamian islands and cays.


Photo courtesy of Travel Bahamas

Whether you’re seeking a week of luxury and pampering or you want to swim with the pigs and go shark diving (also on the bucket list) the Bahamas has everything you need for the perfect tropical adventure.

The only question left… when do we leave?

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