Twitter isn’t Made of Hugs

Twitter is one of my favourite places in the world, I’ve met some of my best friends there, Dan Levy the #BoyBestie, Jen Lui, Stephanie Fusco and Shannon Kelly to name a few a very few… I haven’t even listed Jon Crowley and he should never go unmentioned; right Jon?

But this week the Toronto Police announced that they had pressed charges against Gregory Alan Elliott for criminal harassment. Gregory, do you think he prefers Greg? Should I care? Anyway Gregory was a toxic presence in the Toronto social scene harassing women from all walks of life, for being women with opinions, with breasts, with faces – it didn’t really matter to Gregory.

It doesn’t hurt most that he was harassing friends, that he had in the past harassed me or that he was a menace to the twitter community… what hurt me most was that he was tarnishing a thing that I love, he created a black stain on the social media crew that lives and loves in Toronto and that PISSED me off. It still does.

I know that twitter isn’t made of hugs. I. Know. That. But, twitter has always been a place where I can feel safe; my friends are on twitter, twitter is where I’ve raised thousands of dollars for HSF, twitter is where I’ve gotten jobs, twitter is where I’ve shared my heartaches and heartbreaks, twitter has been a light in the dark whenever I needed it and I love it, a lot.

The Toronto community has always been there for me, I’ve been there for other people, the Toronto twitter family sings #loserkaraoke together, goes to events together and generally provides each other with support. I love twitter, I have since my first tweet.

Seeing people like Gregory harass my friends is beyond upsetting because I’ve come to know twitter as a place where I feel loved and accepted.

While I dislike fucking hate what Gregory has done to my happy place I refuse to let him control how I act on twitter, I refuse to let him control who I am or what I say.

Twitter is our space and as long as we stand up for ourselves, stand up for what we believe in and remain strong we will take the control away from people like this.

So tweet friends, tweet without fear of harassment because one bad apple doesn’t ruin the bunch and the rest of us have your back.


  One thought on “Twitter isn’t Made of Hugs

  1. November 23, 2012 at 9:06 am

    That was lovely. We were talking about this tonight, like a lot of people, and we are a mighty force of good when we band together. And the experiences and people that have come into my life via Twitter? One scumbag isn’t going to take any of that away from me, or my friends if I can help it.

  2. cb
    November 23, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    It’s so interesting how NONE of the media outlets have bothered to mentioned that the alleged harassment and twitter exchanges were POLITICAL in nature. Every article I’ve read so far says “the accuser starting
    harassing the complaint after she decided not to accept his help with a
    logo design”, which suggests he could be harassing the complaint and
    other women in very creepy ways when in reality, the accuser and the
    complaint had VERY different opinions about feminism and politics in
    Toronto, and the arguments on Twitter were always about that! None of
    the media articles so far have bothered to mention that the accuser was
    ALSO harassed by a mob of feminists who disagreed with his political
    views. What do you have to say about this exchange????

    >>>@TheLesbianMafia There’s no way one of @greg_a_elliott ‘s sons hasn’t raped a girl. He breeds the type that just wont take no for an
    answer.<<>> Leslie Biean @eurylino @greg_a_elliott Women are anonymous online because we don’t want your sons coming to rape us. @TheLesbianMafia <<>>> gregory alan elliott @greg_a_elliott @TheLesbianMafia Hey, it is not funny. Neither is decapitating people. There is something wrong with you.<<<<

    The media has been completely biased when reporting
    this event, which has led to the irreparable damage of this man's
    reputation. He might have been argumentative, annoying, offensive, even
    rude – but that is NOT criminal. If these women can charge him with
    criminal harassment, then based on the fact that they created fake
    accounts with his photo to make fun of him (@greg_a_elliot) and hastags
    such as #GAEhole to provoke him AND some repeatedly accused his four
    sons of being RAPISTS, then he can definitely charge certain women for
    criminal harassment as well, AND public mischief! And I surely hope he does!

  3. gimmeabreak
    November 25, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    Yeah, I threw up a little in my mouth, there.

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