Snorkelling, Sailing & Paddleboards. Oh, my!


When you’re swimming in the pool bar with a fresh (and oh so delicious) piña colada from a smiling bartender, surrounded by beautiful people who you’ve just met but already feel like your best friends; it can feel impossible to get up and force yourself to do something other than relax. But when there are so many activities (not those ones!) to enjoy on the beach you have to, besides the piña coladas will still be there when you get back, and there’s a beach bar on the way over to water sports sign-out hut anyway. A beach bar that serves something called a dirty banana, which we recommend you order extra dirty, that you can probably finish before you get on the Hobie Cat.


At Sandals Montego Bay all guests can take advantage of unlimited scuba diving and water sports since neither of us knows how to scuba we tackled some of the many other water sports available to us.

We started with a trip out on the Hobie Cat, which is an incredible way to get a view of beautiful mountainous regions that surround the property. Zipping through the Carribean Sea looking up at the lush green space sitting high above the resort conjures dreams of hiking through gorgeous mountains and never having to return to the real world. Which is probably why I’ve already booked another trip to Sandals Montego Bay in February of next year, only six months to go before I’m back in that magical place.

On Saturday after our breakfast overlooking the sea, sipping on coffee so good drinking it black is really the only option, we took the glass-bottomed boat out to the reef to dance with the fishes. OK, so none of the fishes really believed I was a mermaid but I did. I haven’t been snorkelling in years but once the mask was on and I was looking at electric blue fish swimming around the reef, it felt like I’d never REALLY been snorkelling. When my head was in the water looking down at the majesty of the sea, the whole world got a little bit quieter as I tried to take it all in. At least until a less mermaid-y creature decided to give my booty a little squeeze.


Our flight left late on Sunday which gave me the opportunity to jump on a paddleboard and prove that I really was a graceful land mermaid; difficult because I’m inherently clumbsy and I’d never been paddleboarding on anything stronger than small Ontario lakes and bays. Fortunately for me, I didn’t fall, and I did surprisingly well on the board. It takes a lot more out of your legs to balance on a board when it’s on a larger, much stronger body of water but it’s also a lot more fun.

When I head back in February I plan to try out all of the other water sports that Sandals offers including tubing, waterskiing, and kayaking. Are you feeling jealous? Don’t. Book your Sandals vacation now and then tell me all about it! 



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