Living the Butler Life

It’s back to life, back to reality in my world but the past four days have been the absolute best. We arrived at Sandals Montego Bay on Thursday afternoon, after passing through customs we were met by our butler who brought us beer and had a car ready to take us to the resort. PRIVATE CAR AND A BUTLER?! From minute one Sandals surpassed all of my expectations.

The drive from the Montego Bay airport to the resort was about 5 minutes long, but when you have a driver telling you all the wonders of the island and calling you, “Princess,” the time in the car feels like a few joyful seconds. When we arrived at the resort, we were once again greeted by our butler Orin, who had Welcome cocktails and cool lemongrass-scented towels waiting for us. If you’re going to Sandals, you absolutely without a doubt NEED to get the butler service it makes the whole experience feel like even more of a dream. You might not think that’s possible, but it is, the butlers at Sandals spend more than six months training and spend time in every department within the resort, they know how to make you feel like you and your man are the only two people in the world that matter.

When we entered our gorgeous beach front room Orin opened us a bottle of champagne; because how else do you say hello to your room? We sipped on champagne and bounced around on the giant bed before heading out to the beach where towels and a cooler filled with drinks were waiting for us. This is the butler life, champagne-soaked dreams and private coolers on a white sand beach.


The beach at the Montego Bay resort stretches the entire length of the property, but the smaller beach by the piano bar was my favourite, with two hammocks and two swings in the sea it was both fun and endlessly romantic. The Caribbean Sea is warm; there’s no shock to the system just beautiful salty water that welcomes you like a bath under the sun. Laying in a hammock in the sea under the bright Jamaican sun with your newly minted boyfriend is the kind of vacation most people only dream about. But for four days that was my life, sunny hammocks, cocktails at the pool bar, and sweet but salty kisses.



When it comes time for a mid-afternoon break, there’s always a snack waiting for you in your room, next to what is probably your third bottle of champagne and any other surprises your butler thinks that you might like. If you’re missing something there’s a butler phone that’s yours for the duration of your stay; it’s like the bat-phone but instead of calling the caped crusader it connects you to anything and everything you could want. A little more Red Stripe? Get the bat-phone. A pizza to enjoy on the beach? Get the bat-phone. A dinner reservation at sunset? You guessed it, get the bat-phone.


Want more Sandals stories? I’ll be updating the blog all week with all of our adventures including snorkelling along the reef that surrounds the Sandals beach. Already convinced that you need to book your next adventure? Book here.


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  1. sharlene hunter
    August 22, 2016 at 11:30 am

    This sounds like paradise on earth. How lucky you were to experience this kind of fun in the sun!

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