Virgin Hotels San Fransisco

If you follow me here (or anywhere), you’ll know that there are very few things in this life that I love more than travelling around this beautiful world (my dog, snarky pop culture commentary, and my boyfriend). As part of my travels, I’ve been fortunate enough to stay at some pretty amazing hotels around the world. But very few have impressed me in the way that Virgin Hotels Chicago has.

Virgin is a unique brand with tonnes of sass and a uniquely British sense of style and humour. As you enter the Chicago property, it’s obvious that the designer was inspired by both the history of Chicago architecture (sidebar: next time you’re in Chicago make sure you take the architecture tour) and the Mod sub-culture of 1960’s Britan. It’s all plush reds, bright lights, and a rather grandiose staircase that greets you as you slide through the revolving glass doors.

But the best part of the Virgin Hotels experience? No hidden fees. No (ridiculously!) expensive mini-bars. No charging for WIFI. WIFI that works. It’s all of the frills and none of the asterisks. Seriously though it’s 2017 how the hell does anyone get away with charging for WIFI that barely works, I’m looking at you every other hotel in every major city I’ve ever been to.

And while I love Chicago, and travel there a lot for work and play, I’m even more excited that the folks at Virgin have decided to open a hotel in another one of my favourite American cities, hello Virgin Hotels San Fransisco! I can’t wait to see how you break the mould this time.



Image courtesy of Virgin Hotels


For the launch Virgin Hotels Chicago, the brand shut down streets outside the hotel to recreate the iconic street parade scene from Ferris Bueller. I wasn’t there, but I really hope someone was wearing an Abe Froman shirt. So it goes without saying that the San Fransisco grand opening will be something to behold; I wonder if Richard (I can call him that I met him once) will let a naked model ride him across the bay?


One thing is for sure, with the opening of the San Fransisco location just around the corner, I’m already thinking about a reason to travel to the Bay Area.


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